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Del Rey Education Submits Charter Apps In Sumner and Williamson Counties

Del Rey Education has officially submitted charter applications for Founders Classical Academies in Williamson and Sumner counties. These are two of the fastest growing counties in Tennessee, and Del Rey hopes to not only help these districts shoulder the burden of growth, but bring parents an option for private school-caliber academics at no cost that also prepares students to be virtuous stewards of our free society.

Building On Success

In collaboration with Texas-based ResponsiveEd, Del Rey Education has submitted applications to launch Founders Classical Academies in Williamson and Sumner counties. ResponsiveEd is the largest charter school operator in Texas, operating 90 schools across Texas and Arkansas, 20 of which are Founders. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, ResponsiveEd has over 3,000 employees serving over 20,000 students and has been running schools in Texas for over 20 years.

These submissions were made just days before Governor Bill Lee announced a desire to open more than 100 classical schools across Tennessee. "This announcement came as a pleasant surprise, but there's no way to deploy that many schools without a serious, concerted team effort," commented Del Rey President, Brian Haas.

The schools are planned to be located near Hendersonville, in Sumner County, and between Brentwood and Nolensville in Williamson. The Williamson location is proposed to open in Fall of 2023 and the Hendersonville campus is proposed to open in 2024.

Interested families can follow the Williamson campus Facebook page:

Or, the Sumner Facebook page:

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